An interactive sculpture composed of 200 Cadillac rear view mirrors.

With: Midnight Commercial
For: Cadillac / Interview Magazine / Gentex
Role: Creative coder / Generative artist

The Horizon sculpture features 200 Gentex rear camera mirrors, arranged in a floating ring, that become windows into a virtual world: a three-dimensional digital space inspired by Marfa, with desert, clouds, and hills.

Visitors are encouraged to manipulate these mirrors by touching and moving them freely. Orientation sensors placed in every device allow them to change the camera angle and unveil the details of this extended horizon.

To keep the sculpture dynamic, I developed custom software in Cinder that lit up the virtual world through an endless day-night cycle of surreal and hyper-stylized colors. 200 synchronized Raspberry Pi ran the application live for three days during the 2017 Marfa Film Festival in Texas.

Special thanks to Simon Geilfus for landscape inspiration and the star team of people that made this project happen: Noah Feehan, Matthew Borgatti, Casey Bloomquist and everyone at MC.

Header photo courtesy of Leilani Ching.