Mantra Maker

An interactive experience to inspire runners at the Boston and Los Angeles marathons.

Project Site:
Red Paper Heart
For: CLIF / AnalogFolk
Role: 3D graphics developer

This experience, which functions both as a site and installation, was built for CLIF to promote their presence at the marathons. Runners or users from their homes are invited to handwrite what motivates them to run. After that, their drawing becomes the running trail around which a whole nature environment is built.

The web app is built in Three.js and optimized to run both on desktop and mobile. 3D models, animated sprites, procedural terrain and custom shaders are all combined to achieve a style inspired by the clean graphics in the packaging of CLIF Bars.

In its installation version, a dual-screen setup and a running mat are used for a more immersive experience. At the end of it, each user leaves with a print or an email with the artwork they created.