Color Cast

An interactive sculpture for NYX’s flagship store in NYC.

With: Red Paper Heart
For: NYX / IPG Media Lab
Role: Creative Coder

Inspired by a chandelier, the permanent installation was commissioned by the cosmetics brand NYX for the opening of their store in Union Square, New York. When someone approaches the sculpture, a sensor scans the color of their clothes and displays updated pictures of influencers and Instagram users wearing matching colors of NYX makeup.

The setup is composed of 48 iOS devices of different sizes, all networked and loaded with custom software to constantly load new images, transition in sync and report live stats for remote monitoring.

In addition to that, two separate applications process the input from a Kinect camera, and choose the right images and layout that needs to be on display at every moment. An extra iPad, placed in a stand in front of the sculpture, is used as a way to manually filter the social media images by color or product.