Bio Datavis

An artful visualization of biometric data.

For: Fitness Science Startup
Role: Design and implementation

A client in the fitness space approached me with the request to visualize a few biological rhythms like heart rate and sleep quality. The visuals would update every day with new data for each user and sync to their mobile app. This dynamic system would serve as an abstract representation of their current physical state in any given day.

After multiple iterations, we developed a volumetric shape that morphed based on a combination of the user’s DNA, and their recent and historical data. Additional visual treatments like blur, noise and lensing effects were added to align with the client’s branding and visual identity.

Every step of the process was prototyped and shared as a custom web tool. Real time WebGL previews allowed the client to explore how each data point affected the output, and customize its colors, shading, animation and overall look.

Multiple exporters were added to save images, videos, and generative variations of the visualization to use in future design or branding applications.